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Die Konferenz für Software-Architektur
03. - 07. Februar 2020, München


Vortrag: Mi 8.2
Datum: Mi, 05.02.2020
Uhrzeit: 11:00 - 11:45

Ready For Rust

Uhrzeit: 11:00 - 11:45
Vortrag: Mi 8.2


In the StackOverflow developer survey Rust has been the "most loved" programming language for three years in a row (2016-2018). Time to see why Mozilla's creation is so popular. In this talk you'll encounter examples of Rust that show the core features of this modern language. As someone who has worked in a number of programming languages Erik will highlight what makes Rust special, which includes its approach to memory management and safety. You'll also get a glimpse of the growing ecosystem of tools and libraries around Rust.

Target Audience: Developers, Architects, IT Decision Makers
Prerequisites: Knowledge of programming languages, the more the better ;-)
Level: Practicing

Extended Abstract
Many organisations that are today depending on C and C++ are looking for alternatives, to increase productivity and to avoid the uphill battle of trying to write secure code in C. Of course, three large organisations created their own programming languages in response: Apple with Swift, Google with Golang, and Mozilla with Rust. Of these languages, Rust is the one with the most modern language constructs and the best C interop. Over the past years Rust and its ecosystem reached the maturity required for mainstream use, all of which makes it a key programming language for the audience to know about.
As a presenter, I believe that I am in a good position to provide a compelling introduction to Rust. With a long career in software development, during which I wrote code in at least ten programming languages, I feel I can give a good and balanced view of what makes Rust special. The idea is not to explain as many language features as possible in 45-60 minutes, but to focus on key aspects of the language as well as an overview of the ecosystem.